How does the Stündenglass hookah work?

Jak funguje vodní dýmka Stündenglass?

Hookah Stündenglass Gravity uses gravity and water pressure to create a unique smoking experience. The pipe has two chambers, which are usually made of durable glass, and rotates around a horizontal axis. Unlike traditional hookahs, this type produces stronger and longer draws.

How to properly set up and use the Stündenglass Gravity hookah?

Pipe assembly: First, make sure all parts are assembled correctly. The pipe should be stable and firm.

Filling with water: Fill one of the chambers with water. This water will be used to create a vacuum that will allow the smoke to pass through the pipe.
Addition of tobacco or other substance: Place a bowl on top of the pipe and put tobacco or other smoking material in it, for example CBD flowers. If you use tobacco, it's a good idea to spread it evenly to get an even burn. 
Ignition: Use a lighter to light the tobacco or other material in the bowl.
Flipping the pipe: Turn the top of the pipe so that the water chamber is at the top. Gravity causes the water to flow into the lower chamber and creates a vacuum that pulls the smoke from the burning material into the upper chamber. During this process, the smoke passes through water, which cools and filters it.
Smoke inhalation: Once the upper chamber is filled with smoke, you can inhale the smoke either directly from the chamber or using the attached tube.
Re-spin: After inhaling the smoke, you can turn the pipe again so that the water flows back into the upper chamber and refills the upper chamber with smoke for the next puff.
Cleaning: After finishing smoking, it is important to clean the pipe properly. Empty the chambers, remove and clean the bowl, and clean the tubes and connections. Make sure the pipe is clean before using it again. 

Take a look at accessories, which will help enhance your Stündenglass hookah experience.

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