CBD oils

Preparations containing CBD, and especially CBD oils or CBD drops, have been hugely popular in the last few years. For many, however, this abbreviation is still known only by hearsay and they still do not know what to imagine after "those CBD oils". "Is it eating or lubricating?" or "What's it good for?" or "Isn't it illegal?" are just some of the most common questions. In this article, we will therefore explain them and tell each other everything important that you should know about CBD oil.

What is CBD

CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of more than a hundred cannabinoids discovered so far, or substances that occur naturally in the cannabis plant. The most well-known cannabinoids include mainly THC, known for its popular narcotic effects, and also CBD, which, unlike THC, does not change consciousness. More and more scientific studies, but also CBD users themselves, are of the opinion that CBD and other cannabis substances can have a very positive effect on our body. CBD thus represents a promising natural way to balance the optimal balance within our body and maintain physical and mental well-being.

What is CBD oil

CBD oil or CBD drops. Both refer to the same thing, ie an oil that is produced by extracting cannabidiol (CBD) from a cannabis plant. However, it usually also contains other beneficial substances from the plant - other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. This is the most popular form of CBD use. The oil can be applied both internally and for burns, it allows you to ideally adjust the dosage, and in addition it can work in about 15 minutes.

What is CBD oil good for?

As we said, CBD seems to be really good for our body. How specifically? The results of studies show that CBD could be the real natural helper with ailments such as:

  • Sleep Disorders
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Chronic and acute pain
  • Inflammatory problems
  • Acne, eczema or psoriasis
  • Weakened immune system
  • Digestive problems
  • And many more

Full-spectrum? Isolate?

CBD oils can be divided into 3 main groups, according to the content and concentration of cannabinoids and other cannabis.

1. Full-spectrum CBD oils

Hemp extract, which is dissolved in oil, is not modified at all and therefore contains in addition to CBD over a hundred other cannabinoids - including THC - and an abundance of terpenes. According to experts, this type is the most effective, because the individual substances from cannabis support each other and thus increase their strength (the so-called entourage effect).

2. Broad-spectrum CBD oils

Because not everyone wants or can (drivers, professional athletes) choose a full-spectrum THC-containing oil, there are a lot of CBD oils on the market that also contain other cannabis but not THC. Their price is usually higher (it is necessary to eliminate THC from the extract) and due to the absence of THC there is no full entourage effect.

3. CBD isolate oils

The last variant is oils that contain cannabidiol (CBD) in its purest form. They are therefore best suited for anyone who wants to strictly make sure that by consuming oil they do not absorb THC or anything else into the body. Although the isolate does not provide the benefits of the entourage effect and may therefore be slightly less effective, it guarantees a clean composition and its price is usually lower.

Using CBD oil

We already know that CBD oil can be used internally (in most cases) or externally (for example for skin problems). For internal use, it is offered to either drip directly under the tongue (leave it lying under the tongue for a while, then swallow), which induces the effect the fastest - in about 15 minutes. However, you can also drip CBD oil into a cocktail or soup, for example. In this case, the onset of action is slightly longer, about one hour. The advantage is that if you do not like the oil, its taste will be lost in food or drink. When used externally, we rub the affected area.

CBD oil dosing

As far as dosing is concerned, each manufacturer always states the recommended daily amount on his oil. However, the truth remains that finding the optimal dose can be a challenge, because there are a lot of factors that affect how much CBD we (and right now) need. These include age, weight, type of problem, acuteness of the problem, resistance to cannabinoids, metabolic rate and much more. For CBD oil, it is therefore generally recommended to start at a lower dose first and only gradually, if necessary, to add.