About us

We are CANNA ROOMZ, a new but very ambitious player in the field of selling 100% legal cannabis products and all the necessary accessories. 

We offer premium products from around the world and our own brand produced in Czech republic. But we are not just another e-shop. You can also visit our exclusive showroom on Prague's Rašínovo nábřeží, where you can not only buy, but also see the products first, try them out or ask anything.


We know very well that cannabis is currently experiencing a giant boom, which brings a number of newcomers who are trying to get rich on it as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, most often at the expense of quality. We take the exact opposite path.

At CANNA ROOMZ, we want to offer our customers the only place they can always turn to with confidence. As long as we are talking about cannabis. 

We carefully select only the best and highest quality products for you, so that you do not have to spend hours googling and avoid wasting money on substitutes and products of strange origin. 

Do you want to be sure that you are ordering a product that you can really rely on - whether it is CBD-containing products, hemp cosmetics, food supplements or smoking accessories? Then you really need CANNA ROOMZ in your life.

Our team


Mr. Controller

Zdeněk is the boss. He's a good boss. He doesn't use corporal punishment and that's not the only reason we love him.


Master of Operations

Petra is in charge of a huge number of things and we do not understand how elegantly she manages to solve them. So we'll probably keep her…


Central Auditor

Without Martin, we would just run around in confusion. He makes sure everything works together and controls things that the rest of us absolutely don't understand.


Connection provider

Karolína writes texts for Canna Roomz, through which we speak to our (potential) customers. And yes, she wrote this too.