CBD and pregnancy

CBD products stormed us like an avalanche. They are increasingly popular and, according to current knowledge, can positively influence many bodily processes, relieve pain, have an anti-inflammatory effect and even have a positive effect on our psyche.

But it does come from a cannabis plant - is it really okay for expectant mothers to use such a thing? Can't they hurt the child in some way? Let's take it from the beginning.

What is CBD

CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of more than 120 cannabinoids discovered to date. Cannabinoids are substances of various properties that occur naturally in the cannabis plant. The best known are THC and CBD. While THC is famous for its consciousness changing abilities, CBD has no such effects.

Cannabinoids in our body bind to the endocannabinoid system, which aims to maintain optimal balance within our body. And it is in the case of CBD (but also, for example, in the case of CBG or CBN) that there is a huge potential to restore this balance, if for some reason it has been disturbed. It has been found that CBD can:

  • Relieve pain
  • Help with nausea
  • Maintain mental well-being
  • Have a relaxing effect
  • Improve sleep quality
  • (And many more)

These are all inconveniences that most women face in a blessed state. And from which the CBD can relieve. In addition, we know that, unlike THC, CBD does not intoxicate us. However...

Is CBD use during pregnancy safe?

Neither we nor anyone else has an answer to this question yet. You have to make your own opinion. Here are some helpful pieces of information to help you decide:

  • Research on CBD and especially its effect on the fetus is very recent. It is not yet possible to say whether its use during pregnancy is safe. Most experts do not recommend this, especially due to the lack of long-term results.
  • According to studies, it is possible that taking marijuana (THC) during pregnancy could increase the likelihood of premature birth or even miscarriage. However, there is no study that finds the same or similar properties in CBD.
  • CBD alone has so far proven to be safe for humans and has no adverse side effects. However, according to researchers, CBD could affect hormones that could cause various disorders in pregnancy.
  • The fetus does not need CBD for its optimal development. Whatever you don't have to put in your body during pregnancy, it's best to skip it. This unnecessarily risks disrupting the child's natural development. However, if you decide to use CBD during pregnancy, be sure to consult your doctor first.

And what about breastfeeding?

If you are breast-feeding, it is important to remember that any CBD you take will also pass through your baby's body through breast milk. The situation is similar to pregnancy - we do not yet have enough information on whether the use of CBD during breastfeeding is safe. On the other hand, mothers who choose to use CBD often experience great relief from postpartum symptoms. Would you like to take CBD while breastfeeding? Also in this case, do not forget to consult your doctor first.