Is CBD Ban Coming?

Chystá se zákaz CBD?

A few days ago, in the Czech Republic circulated news about a move by the Ministry of Agriculture, which issued a press release stating that CBD and other cannabinoids obtained from hemp are not approved for use in food. Based on this, the State Agricultural and Food Inspection (SZPI) should ban the marketing of these products. Against this statement, a wave of criticism arose among experts, economists and entrepreneurs expressing its uselessness and illogicality.

In response to questions from you, our clients, we have decided to comment on the current situation and at the same time assure you that we are not planning any changes to the product range or availability for the time being.

We are carefully monitoring the situation and sharing with you the reaction of the Czech cannabis cluster CzecHemp, which brings together trade union educational and research institutions and companies operating in the hemp industry with the aim of developing the hemp sector in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe.

CzecHemp stands out against the upcoming CBD ban and has the support of a European organization EIHA. Its executive director, Lorenza Romanese, commented on the situation as follows: "EIHA has been cooperating with CzecHemp for a long time and will immediately share with the Czech authorities all relevant documents, analyzes and primary sources that unequivocally confirm that plant cannabinoids were part of the diet of our ancestors for many centuries”.
More detailed information can be found in news on the CzecHemp website and the attached press release.

As already written above, for now you don't have to worry about the availability of your favorite CBD products. We believe that the authorities will be convinced of the irrelevance of their step and everything will turn out positively in favor of the beneficial effects of hemp products.

We continue to look forward to your visit to ours showroom in Prague's Náplavka, where we are here for you every day, even on weekends. We would also like to see you at the regular Saturdays markets in Náplavka, where, among other things, you can taste our great CBD coffee.

Your Canna Roomz team



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