When the word "hashish" is said, many may think of the drug. This is because until now this label used to be associated exclusively with THC, i.e. the illegal component of cannabis. But then we discovered other cannabinoids that can have many positive effects on the body and mind at the same time not change of consciousness. And that is how the CBD version of hashish was born. It comes from a technical hemp variety with a very high proportion of CBD and only a small proportion of THC (up to the legally permitted limit). What is CBD Hash CBD hash, or CBD hash, is produced in exactly the same way as its THC relative, namely by processing hemp resin; in this case, from the technical hemp plant with a high proportion of the cannabinoid CBD. This resin, contained in the trichomes of female cannabis plants, is full of beneficial substances for the human organism, such as cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. The more of these substances in the resin at once, the better. As more cannabinoids and other cannabis substances work together, their effects are amplified. For this reason, the most effective CBD extract is considered to be one that we call full-spectrum, or, in addition to CBD, it also contains everything else that the plant has to offer. How is CBD hashish produced CBD hashish needs several precise steps for its creation. The first is the release of the resin, which is achieved mechanically - by friction. A sieve is then used on the separated resin, thanks to which we obtain a powder. This sticky powder eventually compresses and hashish is born. As with THC hashish, a high concentration of cannabinoids is also achieved with CBD hashish through this special treatment. It is therefore a very well functional form. How to recognize CBD As far as color, consistency and aroma are concerned, CBD hashish is mostly practically indistinguishable from the classic marijuana. Its taste is most often spicy, while it mainly depends on the content of specific terpenes. Therefore, there is a whole range of all kinds of varieties, aromas and flavors. How is CBD hashish used We dont want to tell you how you should use CBD hash, and we are not encouraging you to smoke it at all. We are only trying to answer the question of how this product is commonly consumed in the world. Hashish, with any specific content, is a very versatile form of cannabis goodness. Hashish is probably most commonly smoked, similar to CBD flowers or tobacco. It is also possible to vape CBD hash again just like classic hash. So they need an e-cigarette or a vaporizer and, of course, high-quality hashish. CBD hash can also be used to make CBD ointment. And it is incredibly simple! Simply add CBD hash to a carrier such as coconut oil or beeswax and your homemade salve or oil for external application is ready.

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