New additions to the field of psychoactive substances

Nové přírůstky na poli psychoaktivních látek

In the dynamic world of the 21st century, new substances are constantly appearing that attract the attention of scientists and the general public. Among the most recent additions are THC-V and Muscimol, two promising candidates with the potential to open new doors in treatment and research. THC-V, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, and Muscimol, the active ingredient found in mushrooms, are quickly becoming the subject of intense interest for their wide-ranging potential. In this article, we will look at their properties, effects, potential benefits and challenges associated with their use.


Muscimol, what is it and what are its uses?

A substance with the mind-boggling systematic name 5-(aminomethyl)-1,2-oxazol-3-ol, better known as muscimol or agarine or pantherine is the main psychotropic alkaloid contained in red toadstool. In human terms, it is about a substance that makes toadstool poisoning at least a little bit worth it. By itself, muscimol is a strong hallucinogen that acts on NMDA receptors in neurons, similar to ethanol and a whole range of other psychotropic substances.

New on the market? Definitely not

Red toadstool, amanita muscaria in Latin, has been used in rituals by our ancestors for thousands of years. References to the use of the red toadstool as a psychedelic can be found, for example, in Nordic mythology, Slavic folklore and shamanic rituals in Siberia and North America. Basically, everywhere where the red toadstool naturally occurs. Compared to our ancestors, we have the advantage of modern technologies, thanks to which muscimol can be isolated, so we don't have to poison ourselves for the trip. We can also accurately measure the amount and potency of the muscimol we use, which is much safer.


Muscimol, consumed for example in the form of jelly candies, induces a euphoric state in higher concentrations, which usually has a calm course due to its sedative effect. The condition is accompanied by a feeling of complete relaxation and often colorful hallucinations. If the dose is really high, muscimol acts as a strong sedative and can even cause short-term comatose states. Unlike the better-known psilocybin, there is no "hangover" after the trip wears off, and the condition itself is somewhat shorter.

What is microdosing?

The concept of microdosing is not only associated with muscimol, but it needs to be explained. Microdosing is, as the name suggests, using a very small dose of a given substance. We all have a certain tolerance threshold that must be exceeded for the substance to have psychoactive effects. Microdosing is most often practiced by people who seek hallucinogens for their health benefits, taking a dose that is guaranteed not to exceed the threshold enough to have psychoactive effects. However, the substance still works "unnoticed" in the body.

So does taking muscimol have any benefits?

Yes! Micro doses of muscimol can improve sleep, relieve pain or even help with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder or anxiety. Medicines from muscimol have also been used in research into the treatment of epilepsy and Parkinson's disease.


THC-V, the answer to a century-old problem

There are only two types of people. Those who storm the fridge after taking one of the cannabinoids, and then those who lie. We all know it, the condition where we are willing to kill for anything edible, ideally cheese-flavored. The answer to this age-old problem is a derivative of THC-V, the full name of which is tetrahydrocannabivarin. Unlike THC, THC-V suppresses the appetite, even to the extent that some scientific studies attribute its role as a weight loss aid.

Psychoactive effects

Although users agree that the psychoactive effects of THC-V are "weaker" than other cannabinoids, this is not necessarily a negative characteristic. The derivative induces a state similar to classic THC, with the difference that it is a little shorter and milder, so it is also ideal for those who enjoy the effects of cannabinoids, but want to stay in control or simply not overdo it.

Back to weight loss

The main reason why THC-V is sought after by so many people these days is its potential in helping with weight loss. In addition to simply suppressing the feeling of hunger, THC-V stimulates the thyroid gland and has a positive effect on the overall function of metabolic processes. Some studies even describe a positive effect on blood sugar regulation, so it could be a natural way to treat obesity and diabetes. In addition, THC-V increases the efficiency of the cells' response to insulin and fights against "insulin tolerance", which often leads to type 2 diabetes. THC-V represents a new, very promising area of ​​research into the positive effects of cannabis on the human organism, both in a health and recreational context.

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