Collect ROOMZ with us!

Sbírejte s námi ROOMZ!

At Canna Roomz, we take care to select the highest quality cannabis products. We run a cozy design shop for you in Prague, which you can combine a visit with a walk along the embankment and a view of the gems of our metropolis.

But one thing was still missing - a loyalty program so that we could reward you, our regular customers, whom we value very much.

You can now collect so-called ROOMZ, for which you can choose your rewards. It can be free shipping or a discount on the entire purchase.

How do you get involved?

You can start collecting right now. At the bottom of the home page Canna Roomz you will find a pop-up window "ROOMZ loyalty program”. You fill in your login information if you are already a registered customer with us. If you do not yet have a registration with us, you can simply create one in this window. After confirming the registration in your email, you become a member of the program and can start collecting ROOMZ.

When and how do you mine ROOMZ?

When shopping in the e-shop or physically at our Canna Roomz brick-and-mortar store, you automatically get ROOMZ for every CZK 1 spent (if you are a registered customer). In addition to mining by purchase, you can also earn ROOMZ by fulfilling the following conditions:


  • following our Instagram profile - you will get 250 ROOMZ
  • on your birthday we will credit you with 250 ROOMZ
  • you will automatically earn 250 ROOMZ for creating a user account in the loyalty program

What do you get for your ROOMZ?

Once you've mined a certain number of ROOMZ, you can choose what to do with them.
We currently have the following rewards for you:


  • free shipping when redeeming 1000 ROOMZ
  • CZK 50 discount on the entire purchase when redeeming 500 ROOMZ
  • CZK 100 discount on the entire purchase when redeeming 1000 ROOMZ
  • CZK 200 discount on the entire purchase when redeeming 2000 ROOMZ

We are also preparing other interesting rewards for you in the future. So up to mining, and you have something to look forward to!

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