Nourishing oil for hair and beard Cannor Avocado & Hemp

Soothing elixir for hair and beard nutrition with a mixture of nine cold-pressed oils
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Product description

Nourishing natural elixir for strengthening hair and beard. It will not only serve as a great helper for combing hair, which will also give it shine, softness and a healthy look. It can also effectively relieve skin irritation or itching, and reduce the formation of dandruff and scales caused by dermatitis. In addition, it relieves grease and fights premature hair loss. The elixir activates dormant hair follicles and thus supports the growth of new hair. In men, regular facial massage twice a day helps to stimulate and awaken sleeping follicles. Using a dropper, apply 10-12 drops to the palm of your hand (depending on the length of the hair, less is usually enough for the beard) and spread them along the entire length of the damp hair or beard. After massaging, allow the product to act for at least 20 minutes to open the pores, and then wash off as usual. Apply to the hair once a week as a mask and let it work overnight, wash off in the usual way in the morning.


  • Hemp oil
  • avocado oil
  • Argan oil
  • jojoba oil
  • macadamia oil
  • coconut oil
  • isoamyl laurate (acts as a conditioner)
  • vitamin E
  • mint oil
  • clove oil
  • sandalwood EO