Keith Haring water pipe

Stylish water pipe made of borosilicate glass with iconic artwork by K. Haring
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Product Description

Inspired by the art of Keith Haring, this unusual hookah offers a unique design combined with great performance. In addition to looking fantastic, the pipe is also extremely practical and, thanks to advanced water filtration, always offers the finest and tastiest smoke. This is mainly due to the percolator with seven slits, which always sufficiently cleans and moistens it. Keith Haring's hookah bears hand-applied and heat-resistant motifs by K. Haring, including the artist's signature.


STEP 1: Fill the pipe with water so that the tube is immersed.

STEP 2: Place an appropriately crushed dried herb (not dust, as you would inhale it) in the bowl at the outer end of the tube.

STEP 3: Place the mouthpiece (top of the pipe) to your mouth and light up dried herb with a lighter.