Dr. Greenthumb's x Stündenglass Gravity Hookah

Sophisticated water bong with 360 ° rotation and activation through kinetic energy, opposing airflow and gravity
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    Product Description

    Patented design, use of the highest quality materials and always fine, dense and consistent inhaling. These are the main reasons why Dr. Greenthumb's x Stündenglass Gravity Hookah, created in collaboration with the legendary American rapper B-Real, is a hookah like no other. It includes an aluminum and glass bowl, but it can also be connected to any smoking or vaporization device with a 14 mm male connection. A nearly meter-long silicone tube is available for direct inhalation. Although a very durable device, the Gravity Hookah is packaged in a reusable protective box for safe handling.

    Package contents

    • 1 pipe
    • 1 aluminum bowl
    • 1 glass bowl
    • 1 carbon container
    • 1 meter long hose
    • 114mm male adapter


    STEP 1: Place the base of the pipe on a table or other flat surface.

    STEP 2: Screw the percolator into the pipe.

    STEP 3. Screw on the mouthpiece.

    STEP 4: Fill the glass jar with about 3 cups of water.

    STEP 5: Add a second (top) glass jar to the percolator.

    STEP 6: Connect the tray to the adapter and place the bowl.

    STEP 7: Insert the tray and bowl adapter into the female hole.

    STEP 8: Open the bowl, fill it with shisha or dried herb, and close the bowl again.

    STEP 9: Place carbon on the dish.

    STEP 10: Connect the glass mouthpiece to the Hookah stick and meter hose, then connect to the pipe.

    STEP 11: Heat the material and turn 180 °, smoke will flow into the upper container. When all the water is out of the upper container, turn it 180 ° again.

    STEP 12: Smoke starts to come out of the mouthpiece and the pipe is ready to use.