Storz & Bickel Plenty vaporizer

Unconventional and very efficient table vaporizer with a unique design and a revolutionary steam cooling system
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Product Description

The atypical design (which is more like a drill) suggests that it is a robust portable vaporizer, but this is not the case. Plenty is a unique solid vaporizer that is held by hand during inhalation. One of 7 temperature modes can be selected using the unusual analog display. The main advantage of the Plenty vaporizer is undoubtedly the incredible quality of the steam, which is very strong and dense, yet amazingly fine. The mouthpiece, which takes the form of a twisted metal tube, masterfully takes care of its maximum cooling. Even at the highest temperatures, nothing will irritate your throat.

Why choose the Storz & Bickel Plenty vaporizer?

  • Unique design
  • High efficiency
  • Revolutionary steam cooling system
  • 7 temperature modes
  • Produces dense steam with maximum flavor
  • Easy to use

Product Details

Manufacturer: Storz & Bickel
Usage: Dried herbs, concentrates, waxes
Form of inhalation: Directly (mouthpiece)
Power source: Socket
Warming up: Convection
Temperature adjustable: 7 temperature modes

Package Contents

  • 1 filling chamber
  • 1 cooling coil
  • 2 tubes (shorter and longer)
  • 1 mouthpiece
  • 3 filters
  • 1 cleaning brush
  • 1 Storz shredder & Bickel


STEP 1: Using the Storz & Bickel, which is part of the package, crush the dried herb and pour it into the filling chamber. Release the filling chamber from the vaporizer by rotating it, then by another rotating movement you release the filling chamber itself (orange part) from the part with the hose. The filling chamber is ideal to fill to the brim (without enough herb). For a short session, fill the chamber with herb halfway and fill the rest with a liquid pad. And if you want to vaporize oils or waxes, apply them directly to the liquid pad, which you then place in the filling chamber.

STEP 2: If the filling chamber is full, screw it back to the hose section and then to the vaporizer.

STEP 3: Set the desired temperature with the orange dial and press the button to turn on the vaporizer. Watch the analog display, which will show you that the temperature has been reached. The green zone is according to Storz & Bickel the best.

STEP 4: Once the temperature is to your liking, put the mouthpiece in your mouth and drip.