Storz & Bickel Gold Volcano Classic vaporizer

A special golden edition of the legendary Volcano Classic vaporizer to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its first launch
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Product Description

The Volcano Classic is the best-selling vaporizer with balloon inhalation on the market and one of the most popular and high-quality evaporation devices ever. And because the device became a vaporizer station, Storz & Bickel decided to please its fans with this unique gold edition to celebrate its 20 years of existence. Although it is a fixed vaporizer, thanks to the balloon it becomes something like a hybrid between a fixed and a portable piece - with a full balloon you can move freely. The control is very simple. All you have to do is switch on the vaporizer, fill it with herbs, heat it up and finally start filling the balloon, which takes about 30 seconds. The temperature is regulated by analog and offers 9 temperature degrees.

Why choose the Storz & Bickel Gold Volcano Classic vaporizer?

  • Limited Gold Edition
  • The best-selling balloon inhalation vaporizer
  • Very high quality and efficiency
  • Easy to use
  • 9 temperature modes
  • Thick steam with maximum flavor
  • Quickly inflate a balloon

Product Details

Manufacturer: Storz & amp; Bickel
Usage: Dried herbs, concentrates, waxes
Inhalation form: Balloon
Power source: Socket
Warming up: Convection
Temperature adjustable: 9 temperature modes
Temperature range: 130 ° C-230 ° C

Package Contents

  • 1 filling chamber
  • 4 Easy Valve balloons
  • 1 Easy Valve balloon with adapter
  • 1 filling chamber for dried herbs
  • 3 staples for the filling chamber
  • 2 air filters
  • 1 cleaning brush
  • 1 Storz shredder & amp; Bickel
  • 1 pad for liquids
  • 6 fine sieves
  • 1 valve ring


STEP 1: Place the vaporizer on a flat, stable surface near the outlet. Prepare a filling chamber and one Easy Valve balloonSTEP 2: Press the red warm-up button. The orange light comes on and goes out again when the Volcano reaches the selected temperature. The ideal temperature is most commonly between position 6 (190 ° C) and 8 (214 ° C). It will take a few minutes to warm up.

STEP 3: Meanwhile, prepare the dried herb. The package includes a two-piece Storz crusher & amp; Bickel, which crushes the material to a consistency ideal for the Volcano vaporizer.

STEP 4: Place the crushed dried herb on a piece of paper from which you will form a cone for pouring into the filling chamber. Fill the chamber completely, but do not compress the material to allow it to breathe.

STEP 5: When the orange light goes out, it's time for action. Remove the black plastic mouthpiece from the Easy Valve balloon and nicely straighten and spread the balloon. Connect the orange mouthpiece to the filling chamber and then the chamber to the Volcano vaporizer. Press the green button and start filling the balloon. When the amount is enough for you, press the green button again. It is recommended to inflate the balloon so that you can drain its contents within 5 minutes (then its quality decreases).

STEP 6: Disconnect the balloon from the filling chamber and reattach the black plastic mouthpiece. Disconnect the filling chamber from the vaporizer. Squeezing the mouthpiece with your lips will begin to release the contents of the balloon