Vaporizer PAX 3 - SAND

The latest version of the legendary PAX vaporizer, famous for its modern and discreet design and high vapor quality

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Product description

Sophisticated design, high efficiency and many new technologies (such as mouth detection on the mouthpiece) were already introduced by the predecessor PAX 2. And the third version goes even further. The popular conduction vaporizer can now heat up even faster, in just 16 seconds. It now offers, for example, vibrations for notifications, but from now on it can handle concentrates brilliantly in addition to dried herbs. Or it will enable precise setting of inhalation parameters using a smart mobile application. Even the battery did not go without an increase in capacity and now provides almost two hours of undisturbed vaping. While the improvements have increased drastically, the already elegant, discreet and minimalist look has seen only minor changes.

Why choose the PAX 3 - SAND vaporizer?

  • The best version of the legendary PAX vaporizer
  • Even higher inhalation efficiency
  • High steam quality
  • Full temperature control via the app
  • Suitable for dried herbs and concentrates
  • Long battery life
  • Discreet design

Product details

  • Manufacturer: PAX Lab Inc., USA
  • Uses: Dried herbs and extracts
  • Form of inhalation: Direct (mouthpiece)
  • Power source: Battery (integrated)
  • Battery life: 110 minutes
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Heating: Conductive
  • Temperature adjustability: YES
  • Temperature range: 185°C-215°C

Package contents

  • PAX 3 vaporizer
  • set of mouthpieces
  • USB charger
  • heating chamber cover
  • cleaning kit

ATTENTION, this package does not include a tool for vaporizing extracts. This needs to be purchased separately or choose the PAX 3 vaporizer - complete kit.


STEP 1: Open the lid of the heating chamber and fill it with crushed dried herb.

STEP 2: Turn on a fully charged vaporizer using the button in the middle of the mouthpiece. A purple light means that the device is heating up, a green light then warns that it is already heated.

STEP 3: Choose one of the four temperature modes by long pressing the button on the mouthpiece. When the lights start flashing, select the desired mode by simply pressing the button (each press, a different mode). To confirm the selected mode, hold the button on the mouthpiece or gently shake the vaporizer.

STEP 4: Once the vaporizer turns green, you can start vaping.

Vaporization programs

Standard - the temperature rises during the coating and gradually cools down during idle time.

Boost - maintains the heating temperature for a longer time. Cools slower when idle. Ideal for thick vapor.

Efficiency - during vaporization, the temperature in the chamber gradually increases and the vapor thickens.

Stealth - discreet mode for a weaker, invisible vapor. The chamber cools down faster.

Flavor - the temperature rises quickly during the coating and drops quickly after it. Perfect for a full vaping flavor.