G Pen Roam vaporizer

Portable vaporizer for concentrates with a unique built-in Hydro-Tube water filter and many temperature options
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Product description

The G Pen Roam vaporizer is made of aluminum alloy, boasts excellent water filtration and offers a compact and discreet design. Its temperature can be set between 204 ° C and 427 ° C and there is also a function that notifies you that the vaporizer is ready for use. The G Pen Roam has a replaceable 1300 mAh battery and, thanks to Passthrough technology, allows it to be used even when plugged in. It includes a handy travel case made of hemp.

Why choose the G Pen Roam vaporizer?

  • Excellent Hydro-Tube water filtration
  • Convenient and fast operation and maintenance
  • Temperature settings from 204 ° C to 427 ° C
  • Passthrough technology for use while charging
  • Made from high quality, lightweight and durable materials
  • Removable silicone mouthpiece

Product details

Manufacturer: Grenco Science®, USA
Usage: Concentrates, Waxes, Crystals
Inhalation form: Straight (mouthpiece)
Power: Battery (built-in)
Heating: Conductive
Temperature settings: Customizable
Temperature range: 204 ° C-427 ° C

Package contents

  • 1 G Pen Roam Battery
  • 1G Pen Roam Tank & nbsp;
  • 1 G Pen Roam cover
  • 1 G Pen Roam glass tube
  • 1 G Pen Roam Mouthpiece
  • 1 G Pen tool with keychain
  • 1 micro USB charging cable