Vaporizer G Pen Connect

Portable vaporizer for concentrates with unique technologies and easy pairing with a glass container
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Product description

G Pen Connect is a portable vaporizer designed for concentrates, which heats up to the required temperature in just 5 seconds and provides abundant production of steam at a very high density. The vaporizer includes a ceramic heater with patented air backflow technology, thanks to which Connect evaporates concentrates evenly and efficiently. There are three temperature modes and the possibility of using any water container with a female glass-to-glass connection.

Why choose the G Pen Connect vaporizer?

  • Ceramic heating element with air backflow
  • Convenient and fast operation and maintenance
  • Can be attached to any water container with a glass-to-glass connection
  • Three temperature modes
  • Passthrough technology for use while charging
  • Magnetic concentrate tank cap

Product details

Manufacturer: Grenco Science®, USA
Usage: Concentrates, waxes, crystals
Inhalation form: Straight (mouthpiece)
Power: Battery (replaceable)
Warming up: Convection
Temperature settings: 3 temperature modes
Temperature range: 190 ° C-220 ° C

Package contents

  • 1 G Pen Connect battery
  • 1 G Pen Connect Tank
  • 1 G Pen Connect cover
  • 1 G Pen Connect male adapter (14 mm)
  • 1 G Pen Connect glass connector
  • 1 G Pen tool with keychain
  • 1 USB charging cable


STEP 1: Screw the male glass adapter into the bottom of the G Pen Connect adapter.

STEP 2: Insert the G Pen Connect into the female hole of the water container.

STEP 3: Remove the lid from the filling chamber. Place the concentrate on the lower ceramic pad. Close the filling chamber.

STEP 4: Connect the magnetic battery. Press the button on the battery five times to turn the vaporizer on or off. Press the same button three times to select one of three voltage options - blue 3.1 V, green 3.6 V and red 4.1 V.

STEP 5: This time, press the same button twice to warm up the vaporizer. The button will flash for 5 seconds, then press and hold it for 10 seconds. Press the heating button once at any time to switch it off. Press and hold the button for 15 seconds to activate manual warm-up.

STEP 6: As soon as the vaporizer warms up to the desired temperature, the button will light up brightly. You can start vapping.