Vaporizer Arizer Extreme Q

Affordable desktop vaporizer for remote control with the possibility of vaporization via a balloon or tube and the function of a diffuser for aromatherapy

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Product Description

The Extreme Q works on the basis of convection heating, is made of stainless steel and boasts a modern design, which is more reminiscent of a luxury food processor. The easy-to-read and clear digital display serves, among other things, to set both the temperature (between 50 ° C - 260 ° C) and the fan speed. Control is very easy and intuitive. The Extreme Q table vaporizer produces above-average quality steam, whether you decide to steam through a balloon or directly with a hose.

Caution: The vaporizer is used for the use of dried herbs, but not oils and extracts!

Why choose the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer?

  • Fantastic price
  • Multifunctional, durable and quiet vaporizer
  • Possibility of vaporization via balloon and hose
  • Conventional heating for maximum taste
  • Individual temperature setting
  • Easy operation (even remotely)
  • Modern design

Product Details

Manufacturer: Arizer
Usage: Dried herbs
Form of inhalation: Directly via balloon
Power source: Socket
Heating: Convection
Temperature adjustable: Adjustable
Temperature range: 50 ° C-260 ° C

Package contents

  • 1 Extreme Q vaporizer
  • 1 charger
  • 1 remote control
  • 2 glass bowls
  • 1 glass aroma container
  • 2 balloons with glass mouthpieces
  • 2 strainers


STEP 1: Plug the vaporizer into an electrical outlet.

STEP 2: Use the remote control or directly on the LCD display to select the desired temperature.

STEP 3: Allow the vaporizer to warm up for 15 minutes.

STEP 4: Place the crushed herb in a bowl, then the bowl on the heating unit.

STEP 5: Connect the hose to the bowl.

STEP 6: Start coating slowly and for a long time. After every fourth or fifth coating, mix the herb to make the vaporization as good as possible.

STEP 7: If you want to instill over the balloon, connect a small hose to it and then connect it to the bowl. Turn on the fan for maximum power, wait for the balloon to inflate, and turn off the fan. Remove the small hose from the balloon, plug the mouthpiece with your finger and when you are ready, start to bite the balloon.