Arizer Air SE vaporizer

A high quality yet affordable portable dry herb vaporizer
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Product description

The Canadian brand Arizer presents a powerful portable vaporizer not only for novice users, but also for those looking for a product of a reasonable price. The device offers advanced rapid heating technology, 5 preset temperatures and a convenient function of use while charging. In addition, the Arizer Air SE vaporizer is easy to use and clean thanks to the support of the borosilicate glass tube. The isolated vapor path leads only through the glass, so the vapor is always beautifully clean. When inhaled, the air is heated by a high-quality ceramic heating element for an aromatic and strong vapor. You can use the device for up to 80 minutes from a full charge. A practical battery status indicator informs you of the power status every time you start it up.

Why choose the Arizer Air SE vaporizer?

  • affordable price for everyone
  • easy control with 5 temperature modes
  • ceramic chamber that holds up to 0.3 grams of herbs
  • weight of only 103 grams
  • warm up in 60 seconds
  • use while charging
  • automatic shutdown function
  • ideal for travel thanks to the replaceable battery

Product details

Manufacturer: Arizer
Use: Dried herbs
Inhalation form: Direct (mouthpiece)
Power source: Battery (replaceable)
Warm-up: Combined
Temperature adjustability: 5 temperature modes
Temperature range: 180°C-210°C

Package contents

  • Arizer Air SE vaporizer
  • 1 mouthpiece strainer 
  • cleaning tool 
  • micro USB charging cable 
  • battery 
  • user manual


Before first use, remove the battery with plastic protection from the device. Turn on the vaporizer by pressing the button for 2 seconds and let the device heat up to full power. Then carefully and slowly insert the glass mouthpiece. 

STEP 1: The control panel consists of LED display icons, heating button and settings with up and down arrows. Press and hold the center button to turn on the device. Press any button and the device will start heating to the previously used temperature. Move the arrow up or down to adjust. 

STEP 2: At startup, the bottom LED stays off until the heat setting is selected, then flashes blue when the device heats up. After reaching the set temperature, it changes to a permanent blue color. 

Temperature setting

  • Level 1 (blue): 180°C / 356°F 
  • Level 2 (white): 190°C / 374°F 
  • Level 3 (green): 200°C / 392°F 
  • Level 4 (Orange): 205°C / 401°F 
  • Level 5 (red): 210°C / 410°F