Arizer Air II vaporizer

Improved version of the Arizer Air portable vaporizer with longer life, faster heating and better steam with full flavor
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Product description

Unlike conventional compact vaporizers, the Arizer Air II has a few extra tinges. The paths through which the air flows are 100% isolated and made of boro-silicone glass, making the steam exactly what it should be — dense, full of flavor and yet delicate. Battery capacity has increased by 50% since the previous version, which means not only less charging, but also accelerated heating. And if you have to charge, even then it is possible to vaping without any problem. Air II is very easy to operate and offers individual temperature settings ranging from 50 °C to 220 °C.

Attention: The vaporizer is used for the use of dried herbs, but not oils and extracts!

Why choose the Arizer Air II vaporizer?

  • Compact yet powerful
  • Long battery life
  • Faster warm-up
  • Thick steam with maximum flavor
  • Easy to use
  • Individual temperature settings

Product details

Manufacturer: Arizer
Usage: Dried herbs
Form of inhalation: Directly (mouthpiece)
Power source: Battery (built-in )
Heating: Conductive
Temperature adjustable: Customizable
Temperature range: 50 ° C-220 ° C

Package contents

  • 1 Air II vaporizer
  • 1 Air II battery
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 2 glass aroma tubes (70 mm)
  • 1 glass aroma container
  • 2 silicone caps
  • 3 travel PVC tubes
  • 1 Air II case
  • 1 stainless steel tool
  • 4 stainless steel sieves


STEP 1: Put the crushed herb in the filling chamber.

STEP 2: Turn on the vaporizer by pressing the 'M and' - 'buttons (hold them down at the same time until you hear a beep. It takes a few seconds to turn on to make sure you don't start the vaporizer by mistake.

STEP 3: It takes about 60-90 seconds to warm up, and just press one of the three buttons to start it. The vaporizer starts to heat up to the last selected temperature. Use the '+' and '-' buttons to decrease or increase it. A short press adds or subtracts one level, a long ten.

STEP 4: Once the desired temperature is reached, wait about 5-10 seconds and start coating. Coat long and slowly. The longer the inhalation, the more smoke. ATTENTION! The glass mouthpiece is very hot after vaporization at the heating point. Don't burn your fingers.