Vaporizer battery CCELL M3b

Vaporizer battery with button activation and the possibility of setting 3 different temperatures
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Product description

The discreet vaporizer pen with patented CCELL technology is a simple and discreet device with the added function of a child lock. Thanks to its patented ceramic formula, CCELL technology provides even heat absorption and distribution with an embedded coil. Products from the CCELL vaporizer brand are known for their even heat distribution, large vapor volume and clean taste. The CCELL M3b vaporizer is equipped with an adjustable heat setting that allows you to customize and optimize the experience based on different content viscosities. You activate the battery with a button and then choose one of the three temperature modes offered. 

Lock and Unlock: To lock/unlock the device, press the button 5 times consecutively within 2 seconds, the white light will flash once, indicating the command is activated. The device automatically locks after 10 minutes of inactivity. 

Device maintenance and cleaning: Any device that works with oils has the potential to leak. Routine maintenance and frequent cleaning will keep the device in optimal performance. Cleaning is recommended 1-2 times per battery charge or depending on use with a cotton swab and alcohol.

Product details

  • Battery capacity: 350 mAh
  • Battery dimensions: 10.5 x 84 mm
  • 3 temperature settings with LED indicator
  • Child safety lock
  • Activation by button
  • USB adapter for charging the battery
  • Stainless steel case
  • Standard 510 rolls
  • Customization available

Temperature setting

The CCELL M3b vaporizer battery allows you to set 3 heating levels.

BLUE = Low voltage (2.8 V [200~210 ℃])
YELLOW = Medium (3.2 V [210~220 ℃])
GREEN = High (3.6 V [220 ~ 230 ℃])

If the device is unlocked, just press the button 3 times in a row. The indicator light will flash 3 times to confirm the successful switching of the temperature.