Keith Haring's glass pipe

Stylish glass pipe made of borosilicate glass with iconic artwork by K. Haring
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Product Description

Inspired by the art of Keith Haring, this unusual glass offers a unique design combined with practical use. The glass is made of durable borosilicate glass, offers a spacious bowl for dried herb and carries a built-in ash trap. Thanks to this, you can always look forward to very fine, clean and tasty smoke. The design glass bears hand-applied and heat-resistant motifs by K. Haring, including the artist's signature.


STEP 1: Place the reasonably crushed dried herb in a glass jar (on the side with the K. Haring artwork). Do not dust the herb as you will inhale it.

STEP 2: Place the opposite end of the glass to your mouth (unpainted) and light a dried herb with a lighter.