TOKE Creative Energy broad-spectrum CBD and CBG drops

CBD and CBG drops with a mixture of natural herbal extracts for a boost of energy
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Product description

Made in the Czech Republic, CBD and CBG drops with effective natural substances were developed to not only support the optimal physical and mental balance, but also our performance in moments when we need to really work hard. Broad-spectrum CBD and CBG drops TOKE Creative Energy can therefore fight fatigue, improve concentration, facilitate learning, support digestion, relieve pain or also act as a great antioxidant. The effect of CBD and CBG in synergy with limonene and extracts of peppermint, rosemary and ginger is responsible for the fact that the drops help with concentration and coping with stress so much more reliably and quickly. The carrier base of TOKE drops is MCT oil, which guarantees high bioavailability of substances dissolved in it. The product does not contain THC and is not addictive.


What TOKE Creative Energy Broad Spectrum CBD and CBG Drops can help you with:

  • Fighting chronic fatigue
  • Better concentration and learning
  • More energy during the day
  • Support of the digestive system
  • Mental and physical relief


  • CBD 600 mg
  • CBG 500 mg

Bioactive ingredients:

  • wheat germ
  • basil
  • star anise
  • you have
  • rosemary
  • ginger
  • terpene limonene
  • C8 + C10 (organic MCT oil)


For TOKE Creative Energy broad-spectrum CBD and CBG drops, it is normally recommended to apply 1 to 3 drops, but a maximum of 10 drops per day. The effect is always individual, and therefore the ideal dosage must be gradually found. Shake well before use.