Dab rig bong Higher Standarts

Specially designed glass bong for water filtration of concentrates
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Product description

Dab rig bong Higher Standards, handmade in the USA, provides smooth and powerful strokes thanks to unprecedented water filtration. It is handcrafted from medical-grade borosilicate glass and a highly durable quartz attachment for optimal transmission of the unique taste of wax concentrates. The attachment has been designed to keep the heat as long as possible while evaporating the wax at lower temperatures. Dab rig bong Higher Standards has been specially designed for strong and reliable performance and resistance to high temperatures. Excellent airflow is achieved by the slots on the diffusion shank, which create fine bubbles for smooth drawing.

Dab rig bong Higher Standards is sold in stylish double-sided box for safe storage and discreet transport. It comes with a complete set of basic application tools, including a concentrate container and a glass cap. It is recommended to fill it up with water to one third of its capacity.