Keith Haring oil bong

Stylish bong for oils and extracts with iconic artwork by K. Haring
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Product Description

Keith Haring's oil bong combines the unique art of pop art icon Keith Haring and the most advanced water filtration for an always high-quality and gentle experience at every session. A part of the bong is a turbine percolator, which cools the smoke perfectly, the special construction then ensures control over the air flow. The body is made of durable borosilicate glass, which bears hand-applied and heat-resistant motifs by K. Haring, including the artist's signature.


STEP 1: Fill the bong about halfway with water (the tube must be submerged).

STEP 2: Using a torch, heat the banger (the glass part that belongs to the top hole of the tube) for about 40 seconds.

STEP 3: Using an applicator, place wax or concentrate in the heated banger and place your mouth on the mouthpiece.