Eyce Rig II oil bong

An improved version of the most popular silicone rig on the market

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Product Description

Eyce Rig II is a bong for oil and inhalation of extracts, made of extremely durable material that playfully survives bending, falling to the ground, and an incredible 500 degrees Celsius. The rig includes a new 10 mm glass ring, which not only serves to fasten the titanium pin, but also forms a thermal barrier that protects the silicone from premature wear. At the bottom of the rig there is a handy stash for your material and a practical steel toothpick. Eyce Hammer is available in 9 unusual color variants.


STEP 1: Add some water to the bong first.

STEP 2: Heat the top of the pin. The ideal heating temperature is about 205 ° C. To achieve this, you need about 5-8 seconds of direct warm-up. If the pin starts to glow red from the heat, the ideal temperature has long been exceeded. It is strongly discouraged to heat the pin for more than 15 seconds.

STEP 3: Place some concentrate on top of the titanium pin, ideally cover the pin with a titanium or other heat resistant cap and inhale.
ATTENTION! Don't cough up bong. It could flush out hot water and burn you.