DynaTec Apollo 2 vaporizer heater

Induction heater for VapCap vaporizers from DynaVap, which work for heating using an external heat source
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Product Description

Of course - VapCap vaporizers from DynaVap can heat practically any external heat source, and even an ordinary lighter will serve well. But there is also a whole new revolutionary way to get VapCap on fire. DynaTec Apollo 2 is an induction heater that uses a protected coil to heat up and can reach the required temperature in just 5 seconds. The switch built into the chamber ensures that the heater starts only when VapCap is inserted. The big advantage, in addition to comfort, is the fact that the heater, unlike the flame, heats the vaporizer to a lower temperature, thanks to which the steam quality is one step better and tastier. For your safety, the Apollo 2 is equipped with an automatic shut-off function after 15 seconds.

To choose to induce a new DynaTec Apollo 2?

  • A revolutionary way to heat up VapCap vaporizers
  • Warm up in 5-8 seconds & nbsp;
  • Lower heating temperature for better steam taste & nbsp;
  • Easy to use
  • Auto-off after 15 seconds

Product details

Manufacturer: DynaVap
Usage: DynaVap VapCap Vaporizers
Power source: Socket
Warming up: Inductive