Hemp beer Kanár

Bottom-fermented 11° pale lager with organic hemp extracts
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Product description

Kanár is honestly craft eleven-degree hemp lager from the Falkenštejn brewery in Krásná Lípa. Mixed sticks of technical organic hemp are added to the beer during brewing and then during the main fermentation phase, when the hemp is macerated which makes the aroma truly authentic. Thanks to its TOP quality, the ordinary taste of the beer is complemented by the specific taste and aroma of hemp, which add freshness and drinkability to the beer. This beer special is characterized by a golden color and a full taste, in which the bitterness of hops is complemented by the specific aroma of technical hemp. In addition, unfiltered and unpasteurized cannabis beer Kanár has already won the competition for the best beer at Cannafest 4 times.

Prohibition on the sale of alcoholic beverages and to persons under 18 years of age.


  • water
  • barley malts
  • hop
  • hemp

Product parameters

Volume: 0.75 l

Alcohol: 4.5%

EPM: 11% wt.

Bitterness: 25 IBU

Color: 11 J. EBC