Disposable HHC-P vape pen

Disposable CCELL 1ml vape pen with 20% HHC-P content
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Product description

Cannabinoid HHC-P, or hexahydrocannabiphorol, is a stronger derivative of classic HHC. HHC-P is most often appreciated by those who struggle with problems such as acute pain, loss of appetite or stomach problems. But it is also a great choice for recreational purposes, relaxation, stress relief and general relaxation. Thanks to the practical, discreet vaporizing pen, you can enjoy the HHC-P cannabinoid elegantly, odorlessly, and anywhere.

ATTENTION: it is not possible to refill the cartridge with another liquid.

Product in accordance with Act §5 No. 167/1998. Intended for industrial, technical and horticultural purposes. Not intended for direct consumption or smoking. No sale to under 18s. Keep out of reach of children.