MagicalButter DecarBox

Decarboxylation device with built-in digital thermometer for kitchen oven calibration

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Product Description

DecarBox is a handy device that makes it very easy to calibrate your oven with absolute temperature accuracy. The external digital display allows you to control the temperature inside the decarboxylation device without having to open the oven. DecarBox has a silicone case suitable for use in the food industry, which guarantees the retention of beneficial plant compounds and aromatic components inside the herb. The device can activate up to 50 grams in one cycle.

Why choose the DecarBox decarboxylation device?

  • The most efficient decarboxylation system on the market
  • Precise built-in thermometer with external display
  • Food grade silicone container
  • Supports the natural effects of the herb

Product Details

Weight: 0.36 kg
Width: 16.5 cm
Height: 23 cm
Depth: 7.6 cm