Eyce Shorty

Small and unbreakable pipe made of platinum-hardened silicone suitable for one-time hits

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Product Description

Compact, hyper durable and practical. Such is Eyce Shorty's "one hitter". It is made of extremely durable material that playfully survives bending, falling to the ground, and an incredible 500 degrees Celsius. Part of this mini pipe is a snap-on glass bowl, which allows extremely comfortable operation and easy cleaning. Eyce Shorty is available in several unusual color variants.


STEP 1: Place the dried herb in a glass bowl. For the best experience, we recommend crushing the material first. Try to fill the bowl so that it is neither too crowded nor half empty. The material should stick together, yet allow good air passage.

STEP 2: Put the mouthpiece in your mouth. Use a lighter to ignite the material in a glass bowl and inhale gently. ATTENTION! While the silicone is not hot, the glass bowl may be hot after use.