CBD oil gel Cannor Relief Balm

Regenerating oil gel with a high content of CBD and CBG for sore muscles and sore joints
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Product Description

Cannor Relief Balm is a highly circulating and warming oil gel, which is great for massaging stiff or strained muscles, treating painful joints, but also relieving swelling and speeding up the healing of bruises. Olejogel has been developed to speed up regeneration after sports performance as much as possible. It works best, for example, after a warm bath or sauna, because the pores expand with heat and allow better penetration of active substances. Thanks to the beneficial synergy of cannabinoids CBD and CBG for the body, traditional herbal macerates and CO2 extracts of ginger and chilli, the oil gel also offers anti-inflammatory abilities and can even act as a mild anesthetic.


  • Hemp oil
  • Castor oil
  • Poppy seed oil
  • Olive oil
  • Hydrogenated vegetable oil
  • Soybean oil
  • St. John's wort oil
  • Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Cannabigerol (CBG)
  • Sill extract
  • Sunflower oil
  • Rapeseed oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Camphor oil
  • Ginger CO2 extract
  • Tocopherol
  • Chilli CO2 extract
  • Clove
  • Eugenol
  • Limonene
  • Linalool