Cannaroomz CBD Oil for Dogs 5%

Olej ve formě kapek s CBD a lososovým olejem pro zklidnění vašeho domácího mazlíčka a udržení jeho optimálního zdraví
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Product description

Cannaroomz CBD Pet Oil 5% has been specially developed for the needs of your four-legged friends. Due to the content of high-quality CBD, the drops can effectively calm the dog during stressful situations such as travel, New Year's celebrations or a visit to the vet. Cannaroomz CBD Oil for Pets 5% can also help with digestive problems, epilepsy, a weakened immune system, as well as acute fractures or post-operative wounds. The oil does not contain any THC, so it is a completely non-psychoactive product that can help with a whole range of ailments and besides that your furry friend will most likely enjoy its salmon taste.


CBD oil Cannadog 3% for pets is especially suitable for:

  • Optimal condition of bones, teeth and muscles
  • Relief from chronic pain
  • Suppression of nausea and vomiting
  • Proper function of the immune system
  • Calming during travel and other stressful situations
  • Protection of cells from oxidative stress
  • Support in the treatment of inflammation
  • Maintaining healthy vision and quality fur

Product description

  • salmon oil
  • CBD (cannabidiol)


Dogs: 1 drop per 5 kg of live weight twice a day, i.e. 10 mg of CBD per 1 kg of dogs live weight per day.

This product is not intended for puppies, pregnant and lactating dog females.

It should be taken into account that the dosage of CBD oil for dogs is influenced by many factors such as weight, type of health problem or metabolic rate. Therefore, try a lower than recommended dosage first. Your dog may be sensitive or resistant to CBD, so it is always better to start with a smaller dosage.