CBD oil Canna Roomz Sleep 20%

Hemp oil with 20% CBD, lavender and lemon balm for relaxation and undisturbed sleep. Content 10 ml.
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    Product Description

    Canna Roomz 20% CBD oil in the form of drops was developed in the Czech Republic so that it can best support physical and mental relief and restful sleep. Sleep 20% oil fights insomnia, but also relieves excessive stress and anxiety, can improve digestion and alleviate acute and chronic pain. It will be appreciated by everyone who needs to calm down, stop and have a good rest after a hard day.


    What Sleep 20% CBD Oil Can Help You:

    • Fight insomnia
    • Reduce mental tension
    • Full body relaxation
    • Pain relief
    • Digestive support


    • Hemp oil
    • Cannabidiol (CBD)
    • Lavender
    • Lemon balm
    • Valerian
    • Chamomile
    • Peppermint
    • Vitamin E


    Terpenes are aromatic compounds that occur naturally in the cannabis plant. In addition to carrying typical scents, they also have a number of positive effects on the human body. Studies to date show that there is probably a so-called synergistic effect between terpenes and cannabinoids, where the individual substances support each other due to their joint action and thus increase their effects.

    CBD Sleep Oil 20% contains:

    LINALOOL. According to current research, terpen with a floral to spicy scent has proven to be an effective helper in relieving anxiety, relieving stress and achieving total relaxation of body and mind. According to studies, all of these properties are likely to increase when Linalool works hand in hand with the cannabinoid CBD.


    The most effective way to administer CBD Sleep 20% oil is by dripping directly under the tongue. Cannabinoids and other substances enter the bloodstream through the mucosa and can be relieved in about 10-15 minutes. .

    Because the optimal dosage of CBD oils is influenced by a large number of factors (reason for use, weight, metabolic rate…), it is necessary to first test the strength of the effect.

    For Canna Roomz Sleep 20%, it is recommended that you first give approximately 2-3 drops twice a day, then adjust the dosage to suit your individual needs. Do not exceed the maximum daily dose of 13 drops per 10 kg body weight.