MagicalButter MB2e herbal extractor

The world's first benchtop herb extractor for the production of butters, oils, tinctures and concentrates
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Product Description

The MagicalButter MB2e herbal extractor is an incredibly easy way to prepare your own butter, oils, creams or tinctures from your favorite herbs. And right in your kitchen. The submersible mixer with programmable thermostat and the heating unit take care of the production of the highest quality extracts without requiring your supervision or assistance. MagicalButter crushes the herb, heats it to a suitable temperature, mixes it and soaks it - all at the right time intervals. It's up to you to enjoy the benefits of the final product.

Why choose MagicalButter MB2e herbal extractor?

  • Fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled program sequences
  • Stainless steel jug
  • Integrated digital thermostat
  • Produces 0.4 - 1.2 liters in one cycle
  • Self-cleaning

Product details

Weight: 4.5 kg
Width: 25.4 cm
Height: 35.5 cm
Depth: 25.4 cm
Capacity: 0.4 - 1.2 l

Package Contents

  • 1 MagicalButter MB2e extractor
  • 1 nylon filter (190 microns)
  • 1 heat resistant glove
  • 2 power cables (220-240V)
  • Recipe book