Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Torch

A reliable and precisely processed butane torch reaching a temperature of over 1300 °C

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Product description

Higher Standards have joined forces with Blazer and are proud to present their high-quality, Japanese-designed torch to the world. The torch is incredibly reliable and powerful, yet (not only) very practical due to its size. The Big Shot Torch will provide a flame of over 1300°C and more than 35 minutes of tenacious burning, after which it can of course be refilled and continue to enjoy its super-quality flame. The torch is precisely processed, made of the best materials and equipped with protection against unwanted ignition.

Package contents

  • 1 Big Shot Torch lighter
  • 1 removable stand
  • 1 child lock


STEP 1: Remove the red protective cap from the ignition.

STEP 2: Set the flame to the lowest setting and press the ignition.

STEP 3: Gradually increase the intensity of the flame as needed.