Bubbler Keith Haring

Stylish and reliable bubbler made of borosilicate glass with iconic artwork by K. Haring
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Product Description

Inspired by the art of Keith Haring, this unusual bubbler offers a unique design with his hand-applied work. In addition to looking fantastic, the bubbler is also extremely practical. Its body is made of thick and durable borosilicate glass, boasts a reliable and solid base and offers a percolator with eight slits - thanks to which you can always achieve perfectly cool, fine and clean smoke with the help of water filtration. Bubbler Keith Haring was designed to fit in the hand as comfortably as possible, ensure excellent stability and also served as a stylish design piece.


STEP 1: Fill the bubbler with water so that the tube is immersed.

STEP 2: Place a reasonably crushed dried herb (not dust, as you would inhale it) in the bowl on top of the bubbler.

STEP 3: Put the mouthpiece to your mouth and light a dried herb with a lighter.