Vaporizer DynaVap M 2021

The fifth generation of the unique portable vaporizer VapCap made of safe surgical steel without electric drive
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Product description

Like all VapCap vaporizers, the M 2021 model has neither a battery nor a cable and requires an external heat source (such as a lighter) to operate. This heats up the lid of the vaporizer chamber, which lets you know with a click that it's time to vape. The M 2021 was made primarily from super-durable medical grade stainless steel in the USA, making it virtually indestructible. Undoubtedly, the important bonuses are the unprecedented savings of dried herbs or high-quality, tasty and rich steam. This portable vaporizer gives you the freedom to use your device virtually anywhere with any independent heat source, but we recommend a butane burner or induction heater for optimal flavor. A two-position Adjust-a-Bowl function is included inside the extraction chamber, which allows you to adjust the size of the dosing chamber to your needs, making it ideal for microdosing.

The Dynavap M 2021 vaporizer is primarily designed for use with dry herbs, but it is possible to purchase a DynaCoil adapter separately and use it for concentrates as well. The vaporizer comes with a Captive Cap and will also fit into any standard size DynaStash, which you can also find in our range.

Why choose the DynaVap M 2021 vaporizer?

  • Reliable and virtually indestructible
  • Contoured design for easy grip
  • Extremely economical and efficient
  • Quality, tasty and thick steam
  • It does not require a battery or power source
  • Simple operation
  • Airports for manual air control
  • Adjusting the size of the dosing chamber (Adjust-a-Bowl function)

Product details

Manufacturer: DynaVap
Use: Dried herbs (possibly also concentrates)
Form of inhalation: Direct (mouthpiece)
Power source: External heat source (lighter)
Heating: Conductive


STEP 1: Open the lid of the filling chamber on top of the vaporizer, insert the dried herb (only slightly crushed) and close the chamber again.

STEP 2: Use a blowtorch or lighter to heat the lid of the filling chamber. When heating the vaporizer, rotate it, do not heat its tip, so as not to destroy it.

STEP 3: Once you hear the click, you can start vaping. If you do not hear a click for 5-6 seconds, let the device cool down and then repeat the warm-up. As soon as the temperature drops, the vaporizer will notify you of this fact by clicking again.