Eyce Spoon pipe

Unbreakable spoon-type pipe made of platinum-hardened silicone
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Product Description

Eyce Spoon is a practical pipe made of extremely durable material that playfully survives bending, falling to the ground, and an incredible 500 degrees Celsius. The pipe includes a bowl made of borosilicate glass allowing comfortable and quick cleaning, a handy stash for your material and a practical steel toothpick. Eyce Spoon is available in several unusual color variants.


STEP 1: Place the dried herb on a glass dish. For the best experience, we recommend crushing the herb first. Try to fill the bowl so that it is neither too crowded nor half empty. The material should stick together, yet allow good air passage.

STEP 2: Once you are ready to use the pipe, plug the air chamber - the hole on the side next to the glass bowl. Be sure to hold the pipe so that you can release the chamber during coating.

STEP 3: Light the material on the dish with a lighter and at the same time coat through the mouthpiece. ATTENTION! If you do not cover the ignition, you risk burning your fingers.

STEP 4: During coating, the pipe is filled with smoke. To release, simply remove your finger from the chamber and then complete the inhalation. At this point, the smoke begins to reach the lungs much faster than when the chamber is covered. Therefore, inhale more carefully after opening it. & nbsp;
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