CBD liquid Dinamo Pure

Gently obtained full-spectrum CBD liquid for electronic cigarettes or oil vaporizers
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Product Description

CBD liquid Dinamo Pure is a full-spectrum hemp extract made in Italy, which contains all the cannabinoids and other ingredients naturally occurring in the cannabis plant and thus offers the most natural and full taste and aroma. Thanks to a special non-invasive and non-chemical extraction process, all beneficial components such as terpenes are fully preserved and the liquid can therefore boast excellent quality. Dinamo Pure contains a rich amount of CBD and boasts an intense and full aroma.

Attention: CBD liquid Dinamo Pure in its smaller variant (5 ml) is supplied with a bottle of vegetable glycerin, which needs to be mixed with the liquid in a ratio of 1:1. However, for larger packages (20 ml), glycerin is not included in the package and must be purchased for mixing with liquid.