Vaporizer VapCap M 2021- color edition

The fifth version of the best-selling manual vaporizer made of stainless steel
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Product description

Like its predecessors, the latest M 2021 model has no batteries or cables and only requires an external heat source (ideally a butane lighter) to operate. This will heat up the lid of the vaporizer chamber, which will let you know by the click that the time has come to steam. Vaporizer VapCap M 2021 is made primarily of super-durable surgical stainless steel and thus becomes virtually indestructible. Important bonuses are then undoubtedly the unprecedented savings of dried herbs or high-quality, tasty and rich steam. The latest version of the device not only offers a better design, but also boasts improved features. The heating chamber ensures freer airflow through numerous grooves. The sieve can be mounted in two positions, which allows further reduction of chamber capacity and microdosing.

Why choose the VapCap M 2021 Vaporizer - color edition?

  • It does not require a battery or power source
  • Economical and practically indestructible
  • Improved adjustment of air flow and chamber size
  • Easy operation and cleaning

Product details

Manufacturer: DynaVap
Usage: Dried herbs
Inhalation form: Straight (mouthpiece)
Power source: External heat source (lighter)
Heating: Conductive

How to use

STEP 1: Open the lid of the filling chamber at the top of the vaporizer, insert the dried herb (only slightly crushed) and close the chamber again.

STEP 2: Use a torch or lighter to heat the filler cap. When heating the vaporizer, turn it, do not heat its tip to avoid destroying it.

STEP 3: Once you hear the click, you can start tapping. If you do not hear a click for 5-6 seconds, allow the device to cool down before reheating. As soon as the temperature drops, the vaporizer will warn you of this fact by clicking again.