Dried Flowers Of Pura Medi CBD Lemon Skunk

Dried CBD flowers with a high CBD content, a unique citrus taste and a gradual relaxing effect
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Product description

Dried flowers Medi CBD Lemon Skunk are a mixture based on the Cannatonic variety. They contain a high amount of CBD cannabinoid and are characterized by a typical and intense citrus taste. The buds then add vanilla undertones. Lemon Skunk will please you especially if you want to relax well and enjoy the gradual and gradual onset of a calming effect.

Characteristics of the flower

  • Inside and hand-grown
  • High CBD content
  • Typical citrus flavor
  • Vanilla undertones
  • Slow calming effect

Product details

CBD Content: 3.6%
Appearance: Hemp Flower
Color: Light green
Taste: Citrus
Growing: Inside