Dried Flowers Of Pura Medi CBD Santa Sativa

Dried flowers with a high concentration of CBD, a unique delicious aroma and elongated resin buds
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Product description

Dried flowers Medi CBD Santa Sativa find their origin in a variety called Fruit Cake. Therefore, elongated resin buds full of trichomes are typical for them, which give this variant a penetrating but delicious aroma. The model offers excellent phenotypic stability and is the right choice for moments of calm, well-being and absolutely no stress.

Characteristics of the flower

  • Inside and hand-grown
  • High CBD content
  • Intense delicious aroma
  • Elongated resin buds
  • Great for relaxing

Product details

CBD Content: 6%
Appearance: Hemp Flower
Color: Light green
Taste: Intense
Growing: Inside