Vaporizer with a filling containing full-spectrum CBD of the highest quality in four great flavors obtained from natural terpenes
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Product Description

CBD Pen is an elegant and discreet vaporizer that does not cause any odor. It includes an original filling containing high-quality full-spectrum CBD extract, enriched with beneficial terpenes. CBD, especially in the full-spectrum variant, proves to be a great helper with a number of ailments such as insomnia, anxiety, inflammatory diseases, chronic and acute pain, and many others. If you want to make the most of its potential, CBD Pen could be the right choice for you. Thanks to vaporization, CBD gets directly into the blood from the lungs and it is possible to take up to four times more than other forms of cannabinoid use. The terpenes then not only add a unique taste, but like cannabinoids, they have a positive effect on our body and mind. Controlling the CBD Pens couldn't be easier - just start coating and the cartridge will warm up to the optimum temperature.

Choose one of 4 tastes (you can buy it separately):


Enjoy the fresh and juicy taste that terpene, named myrcene, gives this variant. Myrcene can be found in both cannabis and mango, for example. It is very well tolerated with cannabinoids, which makes the enjoyment of dripping even more intense.


CBD Vanilla Ice Cream Flavor? 100% natural? Yes! Thanks to the ingenious combination of terpenes, limonene and myrcene, which will remind you of a carefree summer by the water.


The combination of menthol and limonene terpenes gives the Thin Mint variant a perfectly cooling citrus taste. Great for lifting the mood and improving concentration during the day.


The modern and minimalist taste inspired by the gin & tonic drink is a combination of limonene, obtained from the peel of ripe citrus, and woody, distinctive pinene, which comes from juniper berries. Both of these terpenes have the ability to further enhance the effect of cannabinoids.

Why choose CBD Pen?

  • Elegant and discreet
  • High quality full-spectrum CBD
  • Unique taste of 100% natural terpenes
  • Extremely easy to use
  • A combination of the highest quality CBD and vaporization for maximum effect of hemp extract

Package Contents

  • 1 CBD Pen with 350mAh battery
  • 1 filling (flavor of choice)