CBD-containing oil for relaxation, better quality sleep and achieving overall optimal balance in the body

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    Product Description

    CBD oil from LIT is the right choice for anyone who suffers from ailments such as poor sleep, anxiety or physical or mental stress. The oil can be used regularly to maintain the right mental and physical balance, as well as you can turn to it only in acute situations - for example, when you are unable to fall asleep or you have strained muscles.


    What CBD LIT Oil can help you with:

    • Fighting Psychosomatic Anxiety
    • Better sleep quality
    • Relief from chronic and acute pain
    • Achieve the right blood glucose and cholesterol levels
    • Supporting the activity of muscles, joints, heart and immune system
    • Restore normal skin condition
    • Alleviation of inflammation
    • And more

    Use and dosage

    The most effective way to administer CBD LIT oil is to drip directly under your tongue. Leave the oil to act for about a minute, then swallow. Cannabinoids and other substances get through the mucosa (and then through the digestive tract) into the bloodstream and can be relieved in about 10-15 minutes.

    For the best effect, we recommend taking the oil about 30 minutes before eating.

    Because the optimal dosage of CBD oils is influenced by a large number of factors (reason for use, weight, metabolic rate…), it is necessary to first test the strength of the effect.

    For CBD LIT oil, it is most often recommended to take about 20-40 mg per dose, which corresponds to:

    10-20 drops at 5%
    5-10 drops at 10%
    3-5 drops at 20%

    For regular use, however, a much lower amount may suffice, while for acute problems (such as menstrual pain) it is sometimes appropriate to increase the number of drops.


    • hemp oil
    • Cannabidiol - THC content below detection limit less than 0.05%