CBD coffee Sträva Dark Roast beans (250 mg CBD)

Premium coffee beans from Colombia containing 10 mg CBD per cup
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Product Description

Enjoy a combination of selected coffee with undertones of roasted marshmallows and cocoa beans, and a broad-spectrum extract of beneficial cannabis, including CBD, CBG and other cannabinoids. Each serving of coffee contains a respectable 20 mg of CBD and is therefore suitable for those who want not only to eliminate the side effects of caffeine such as palpitations or nervousness, but also to support their body and give it the maximum benefits that cannabinoids offer. CBD and other cannabis substances act on the endocannabinoid system inside our body and thus help maintain optimal balance. CBD coffee Sträva is therefore a great choice for anyone who wants to feel relaxed and calm during the day, sleep well, have a better mood, but also need to relieve sore muscles or joints. Plus, it tastes really great. One package is enough for 25 cups.


  • 100% Arabica (Specialty Grade coffee)
  • Natural broad-spectrum hemp extract