Bong Eyce Mini Beaker

Travel bong with multi-pre-collar filtration for smooth hits
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Product Description

The compact Eyce Mini Beaker bong is made of platinum-cured silicone and provides a comfortable ergonomic grip. With a height of only 18.5 centimeters, it is perfect for those who are on the move forever. However, a small increase does not mean low smoke quality. The lower part of the bong is equipped with multi-pre-collar filtration, thanks to which each stroke is smooth and smooth, it also includes a 14 ml bowl made of borosilicate glass ensuring a clean and unspoiled taste. Eyce Mini Beaker is available in unusual color variants.


STEP 1: First add about 30 ml of water - so that the holes in the bottom of the tube are immersed.

STEP 2: The Eyce Mini Beaker also offers an ice compartment for the finest possible session. After adding water to the bong, you can throw in a few ice cubes.

STEP 3: Fill the bowl with dried herb. For the best experience, we recommend crushing the material first. Try to fill the bowl so that it is neither too crowded nor half empty. The material should stick together, yet allow good air passage. Once the bowl is full, place it on the bottom tube of the bong without using force.

STEP 4: Insert the mouthpiece firmly into your mouth, ignite the material, and inhale immediately. Once the chamber is filled, the smoke is released by gently pulling the bowl, then it enters your lungs. Place the bowl in its original place and repeat.